• We sell affordable roofing leads for sale. An average lead from us costs around $50-$200. All of our roofing leads are exclusvie and only belong to one contractor. All of our leads are phone verified and completly yours when you pay for each lead. Each lead comes with the contact details such as the name, phone number, address, roof type, repair or install and more. We are able to target all of our roofing campaigns on a geo basis. All of our current partners spend a minimum of $1000 per month with use and buy about 10-20 leads per month. If you want to generate high quality roofing leads. Contact us today.



  • Gaming Development Tool Kit For Ios Game DevelopersHere at phalanxle, we want to make sure that the internet is patrolled saftly. That’s why we conducted a recent case study on the Best ios game Developers. in regards to app protection. Almost 80% of all mobile games are vulneratble to at least 1 threat. Hackers have the ability to hack the server and steal all of the users data. It’s the mobiel developer’s job to make sure that there are no back doors to the mobile application so they end business who actually purchases the app is safe.

    Most entrepreneurs don’t even consider security when hiring a gaming company because it’s not a highly publicized matter. We want to try to educate the world on how easy it is eto hack into your website or app so that you better protect the end users data.


    We’ve found that the iphone Game Creator firm out of Los Angeles California provides top quality services at affordable rates.  You can view several of their games at http://www.apple.com/iphone/ or if your on Android devices, you can go to the google app store.